North York Two bite brownie factory gets new 1/4″ food plant flooring !

This 5000 square-foot floor proved to be very challenging

The old floor was made of Epoxy and Sand.

It was delaminating in many areas but when we began to remove the coating to get to clean CONCRETE we found many bolts buried in the old floor. 

This reeked havoc on our grinder and tooling. We went through many tools and had to finish much of the removal with chipping hammers to get around metal in the floor,

We also found that where the floor was exposed it was very contaminated with oil and extensive concrete degreasing  to bring it to the surface.Even after floor degreasing we found that the cracks and saw cuts were still contaminated .All we could do was v them and continue with the install

We also had to maintain access for the staff that use this area as a thoroughfare from one side of the plant to the other

A job that was supposed to take a week took two weeks but in the end they have a new HACCP approved floor


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