Restaurant epoxy Flooring for Mexican Grill

A freind of mine that does all of our cement finishing referred me to a general contractor that had recently had a self-leveling floor poured By one contractor and then finished
by another contractor with a microtopping. The customer was not happy with the floor finish and I was asked to look it over. On arrival I found that the floor was very uneven. Some areas were a quarter of an inch thick where and other areas were 1/8 of an inch thick. All of it was delaminating.

Unfortunately the only option was to remove the micro topping completely and because the self-leveling was not manufactured by any of the companies that manufacture Microtoppings no micro topping manufacturer was willing to sanction an installation.

We have had quite a bit of experience with the our epoxy on self-leveling’s and I felt that that would be the best solution

As three phase power was not available we brought in a generator and removed the micro-topping from 1400 square-foot this resulted in over 3000 pounds of dust that we put into the contractors bin.

We installed our clear Epoxy and the floor looks fabulous!

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